05 January 2012

I want to be a success

Perhaps I should first define success. To me success is doing what I set out to do. It does not mean being the best or being first, it means doing it. So if I say I'm going to workout in the morning and I do - that's a success. It doesn't matter that it took me forever and I had to stop 3 times to rest. I did it and therefore it's a success. That means that the next time I want to do it better or faster or something in order to be a success. But it does not have to be earth shattering. If I do 5 push-ups one day that's a success. The next day I do 6 - huge success. The following day I do 6 with perfect form - another huge success. See where I'm going here? I'm not judging my success on anyone else's, I'm basing if firmly on my own self. I am the gauge and the meter stick by which I measure my success.

Now, having said all that, I don't feel like a success and I want to. I think the first thing I need to do is set some goals so that I can define my successes.

Two days ago I started this boot camp program that I really like. I found it at FitStudio and they given you 28 days of workouts and tell you what to do and how. I really like it and I am left in a giant puddle of sweat after every workout so that's good. So my first goal is to complete this workout. 28 days of boot camp. Every day I do a workout will be a success and completing all 28 days will be a big success.

Second goal, track my eating. I h ave not been eating right and I have not been tracking in any way, shape, or form. I need to track. In my head I am justifying what I eat. For example, yesterday I worked out then had an egg sandwich for breakfast. I went to school to work on my classroom and by 3pm realized I hadn't eaten any lunch. I stopped at Safeway and got a turkey meatloaf sandwich. I had no idea of calories or points but my justification in my mind? Well, I've been working and I'm sure it's not that bad. So I ate the whole thing. I need to stop this. I need to take control of my eating and be accountable to myself. So that's my second goal; Track!!!! Every day that I track all food will be a success.

I guess that's really it for now. I just want to develop these habits so that I can then move on to other goals and success. Workout and track. Doesn't sound very hard does it???

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