07 January 2012

Time to get serious

I need to lose weight. I don't like the way I look or the way I feel and I'm concerned about my health. I want to lose weight to fit into the clothes in my closet. So I have need and I have want. I have desire and motivation. I just need to do it.

Weight Watchers was this morning and I am up .6 lbs from where I started. Now, yes, in the overall scheme of things that is not much at all. But for someone who is trying to lose weight that is not the right direction. So I need to get serious.

School starts on Monday and that will be good in many ways. I'll be back on a schedule and back to a routine. It will also require more discipline since I will need to get up early to workout.

Too much running through my mind right now to write. I need to work some things out before I try putting them down.

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