10 January 2012

Need to change

School started yesterday. After 3 weeks off it's back to work. Ugh!!! I really want to work out. My alarm went off yesterday and I didn't get up. My alarm went off this morning and I didn't get up. My reasons excuses are of the flimsiest you can imagine. It was cold. I was tired. I didn't want to workout that hard when I'm not completely awake. I don't have enough time. Wow!!! Can you get more cheesy and weak??? I am reaching a point where I just can't listen to myself anymore. I just need to move. I read blogs of people who are active and I envy them. I envy them a whole lot. People making plans for races and events and what am I doing? Not much. Making excuses. I've gotten to the point where I will use any excuse not to workout. I have a Wii and bitch because I want an XBox. Well crap! Want an XBox look for some xbox deals and STFU!!!

What I need is a good butt kicking. I really, really need to get my act together. I need someone like Jillian to get in my face and yell. Loud!!! But, since I don't have a Jillian I will just have to do it myself.

One step I am making in the right direction is that I am going to workout now. I didn't get up this morning but Hubby is working and I have the time now. I don't have the energy but that is just too bad. I will workout now.

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