19 February 2012

It's a new day

Beginnings, beginnings, beginnings. I have espoused before my love of new beginnings. Well, what I'm learning, finally, is that new beginnings sometimes happen when you least expect it. Getting rid of my car was an ending for me. For the first time in about 15 years I was without my own wheels. My husband has a truck so it's not like I don't have wheels but I didn't have my own. No more getting an idea in my head and jumping in the car. Now it takes planning and coordination. Which, I'm finding, is really good in many ways.

Most of my life I've been a pretty spontaneous person. Although I like to know what will be happening, I've never been one for schedules and routines. This has caused some problems with things I've wanted to do in my life. The most recent and looming example is my thesis. I have not been able to get going on it but I know if I had a schedule and a routine I could easily get it done. Anyway, not having a car has forced me to become more organized and a planner. I like that. I still have my spontaneity but I'm also starting to consider things and make decisions a little more carefully. And I'm totally becoming an organizer. Riding a bike and busing to work I have to carefully pick and chose what I carry in my backpack. This is making me much more careful about what need to do and when. Awesome. Something I've wanted for 50 years is finally coming to fruit.

We are also starting to plan our upgrades for the house. We have a good sized yard and I'm really looking at pergolas for one area. I love those and we could drape the lilikoi over it and create a beautiful arbor area. I could put some wrought iron benches under there and it would be beautiful.

Okay, well I do have things on my to-do list today so I need to get moving. Hello!! That's not like me. Before I would put it off to the last minute, now I do it early so it's done. New beginnings I tell you.

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