09 March 2012

7 days

For 7 days this is what it's been doing here. Raining. A. Lot. There is lots of flooding and mud slides and rock slides and it is a giant mess. I haven't been able to ride my bike to work all week and I do not like it. I did ride it on Wednesday and that was awesome. But it has been raining so hard here in the mornings that the bike was out of the question. Hubby drove me to work every morning. Yuck. They even closed school early one day because of the rain. Yuck, I say, Yuck!!! I am tired of wet and cold and I'm ready for some sun. That should happen in a couple of days. I can not wait!!!!!

So I haven't ridden my bike all week and I feel like a giant slug. I feel like I'm huge and flabby and I don't like the feeling at all. Also, I am now on spring break. Breaks generally mean a drop in activity level. I really, really, really need to not let that happen. I only have a week and I need it to be a very active, productive week. If it's not I may have to spend a couple of days reading apidextra reviews because I will have a whole lot more weight to lose.

In order to not gain a ton of weight, I really need to have a plan, a routine, a structure to my day. Left to my own devices I will do a whole lot of nothing. That's not good. I have 4 things I want to accomplish over break. I want to make huge progress on my thesis. I want to work out everyday. I want to start running. And I want to work on training the dogs. That's all. I will also allow plenty of time for naps and watching trashy TV. So I want to work out early in the morning - Boot Camp. I want to work on my thesis for 4 hours a day. I'm thinking 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. The dog training will take place all day at various times. The running, I'm thinking about afternoons for that. So my day would look something like this:

-Boot Camp 30 minutes
-Dog training 10 minutes
-Thesis 120 minutes
-Dog training 10 minutes
-Lunch/Nap/TV 60 minutes
-Thesis 120 minutes
-Run 30 minutes
-Dog Training 10 minutes
-Dog Walk 90 minutes

That is 8 hours!!! I still have the evenings to do anything. I like that plan. I like it a lot. I will treat break like it is my job. I like it!!!

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