24 March 2012

Playing the blues.....

No, not really. But I do have an old acoustic guitar sitting in the corner of my "office" here that keeps staring me in the face. A couple of times in the past I made attempts at learning to play it but life always got in my way and I dropped it. Now I think that I need to have a hobby and I'm thinking the guitar might just be the ticket.

In spite of the fact that I am a very, very logical thinking, left brain kind of person, I have a huge creative streak that I have not been utilizing at all recently. And that bothers me. A. Lot. The problem, at least as I can see it, is that I have so much responsibility and my to do list is so long, that I feel a little guilty if I take time to do something fun and creative. That thinking is crazy talk because it's only by doing the fun, creative stuff do I have the mental energy to do the other things. So I really am thinking about taking up the guitar again.

I've always wanted to play a guitar since I was a kid. I love music and I love creating it. When I have worked on it, I have found that I pick it up fairly quickly and really get lost in it. I can sit down to practice and an hour can go by in the blink of an eye. I love that.

Also, truth be told, I've always loved Fender guitars. I've always wanted to be able to play one. If I can master the little acoustical one I have, and it really is little - it's smaller then a normal guitar - I would definitely look into buying a Fender. Those are the best guitars you can buy. I mean Fender is iconic american. It was started by a guy in California making guitars in his radio shop. Wow!! Hello!!! American classic. I love all things that are truly American and Fender definitely is.

Alright, enough, my guilt is getting to me. I have a long list of things to do before I leave on Monday and instead I'm sitting here blogging. See, I have to have a creative outlet.

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