24 March 2012


I am a bit stressed out right now. It's a good stress, but it's stress none the less.

  • Today I am doing a Warrior Dash and my wave goes off at 2pm. That pretty much shoots the whole afternoon.  
  • I also have to get ready to go to Indianapolis for a week. I'm extremely excited about it but I have done nothing to get ready for it. I'm talking laundry, packing, deciding what to take, etc. 
  • I have to finish getting things ready for the sub at school. I just did not have time to do that while I was teaching this week. I still have about 8 zillion copies to make and I have to be careful not to jam the school copier. 
  • Hubby is trying to get the bird house done so we can move the birds into it on Monday, which is a holiday here. I want to go over the whole house carefully before we put the birds inside. 
  • Then there's this whole thesis thing.  I have to finish it by May and it's not almost April!!! WTF!!!!
  • Then there's money, there is always money.  I have to have money for the trip, though I will get reimbursed for a lot of it I need it upfront.  
So yeah, I'm stressing just a little here.  I need to figure out a plan and really stick to it so I can get everything done and not freak out entirely. I probably should make a list of everything that I need to do so that I don't forget anything.  AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

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