01 April 2012

One Day

It appears that I never really adjusted to midwest time. I came home last night, went to bed around the time I always do and woke up this morning bright and early. Granted I'm not the most energetic today but I think I'll be fine. I have a lot to do today to "recover" from my trip. I have all the normal unpacking, laundry, putting things away, etc. But one thing that is really, really important is to get back on track nutritionally. I have been grabbing food that's available when it's available which has meant hot dogs for breakfast at 11 in the morning or a soft pretzel for lunch at 3:30 in the afternoon. I have also not been drinking water, or at least not enough of it. So for today, I am back to my one day mantra. For one day I will eat right and drink my water. For one day I will focus on my health and not succumb to the junk that is so very tempting when I'm weak like this. For one day I will follow the straight and narrow.

I am very, very glad to be home though. I got up at 11:30 Friday night - Hawaii time - and got home at 8:30 Saturday night. Most of that time was spent on planes, though there was some down time in airports. I am so very, very happy to be out of that cold midwest weather. I took along some sweatshirts and a jacket but it really wasn't enough. And my jackets like those cool Joe Rocket Jackets, it was just a boring old jacket.

Anyway, lots to do but most importantly, time to get back on track.

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