24 May 2012

Let's Review

So my attitude has been a whole lot better today. Hmmmm.... I followed my planned eating, the only thing is I did eat a little pasta salad and did not eat my apple. It was good, I was full but not overly stuffed. I got sleepy around 3pm but did not fall asleep when I got home like I have been doing. I actually feel pretty good. Yeah me!!!

In the mail today was a promo for 24 hour fitness. I am definitely going to join next weekend and I laughed because the timing for this promo could not have been better. Just out of curiosity I went online to check the deal and see if it's better then the one I was planning on buying. It was better. Much. Much. Better. I decided to bite the bullet and join. So I have joined 24 hour fitness and signed up for 3 personal trainer sessions. I am excited. I might go over on Monday and check the place out. Part of the promo is to celebrate their being in Hawaii for 15 years. I joined when then opened but quit after about 5 years. So it's been easily 10 years since I've been there. This will be interesting.

Anyway, today has been a huge success in my mind. I joined 24 hour fitness, I stuck to my eating plan - mostly - and I feel pretty darn good.

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