22 May 2012

Out of Control

That is how I feel. My eating for the last 2 days has been totally out of control. I do not possess the ability to say no. To anything. Chips. Egg Rolls. Mini eclairs. Candy. You name it, I have eaten it. I have got to stop this and get things under control or I will end up losing control completely and totally. This has got to stop.

How?? Well, tomorrow I am only taking enough money to buy a salad and nothing else. I will bring my breakfast. I will bring a piece of chicken and buy my salad for lunch. I will eat my apple for snack. That is it. That's all. No More. I have got to get this under control or I will positively burst.

Okay, breath!!! Feeling better and more in possession of my faculties. I made the decision to put off any changes until next week, but it seems to have backfired on me. By saying I was putting it off I apparently gave myself permission to go crazy. That was not my intention. So I need to back track and fix things. I need to start wearing my heart rate monitor and my pedometer. Also, I ended up taking a bus that was really close to work today. My bike afternoon bike ride ended up being about 5 minutes. I need that afternoon bike ride to curb my appetite and get my energy up a little. So, aside from the food tomorrow, I will also ride to the far bus stop. A nice 25 minute ride through town is really a great thing in the afternoons. I will do this.....

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Linda said...

I have been reading your blog for a while, and what I see from you is constant struggle. New plans, then your "fail" then another new plan, then another "fail". Not sure what your blog is for, to motivate yourself or others but if you go back and read it for yourself, it's not helpful. I've been where you are, and I torched that negative nelly a long time ago. I suggest you sign up to this website I am part of...MyFitnessPal, have you heard of it? Go take a look and when you sign up, feel free to add me Lindacwy is my user name.

Trust me, you will win.

Good luck.

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