30 May 2012

Woot! Woot! Game On!!!!

The other day I bought a membership to 24 hour fitness. I was planning on going over there on Monday and getting all accustomed to the place, but I got so wrapped up in my thesis that I never left the house. Anyway, when I signed up I also bought 3 personal trainer sessions. Today the manager called to set up an appointment for the trainer and it's Saturday at 6:30am. Woot!!! I am beyond excited. Friday school ends and Saturday I start my new training program. I'm excited. I'm going into this with everything I have. I am going to start school in the fall considerably smaller then I am now. I am. I have a closet full of clothes that are a size smaller then I wear now. Those have to fit by the time school starts in July. I am excited and ready to go!!!!

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