28 May 2012

Time to get organized

I am a somewhat disorganized person. I have this tendency to just walk away when I am done with something. So if I am working on say school work and I finish, I will just leave. I won't put anything away or clean up any mess I've made, I will just walk away. Or, and this can be even worse in my opinion, I will put something down and say I will do it later. Guess what that leads to? A huge pile of things to be done later. Not good. I really want to be organized and I want things to be neat and tidy, I'm just not sure I know exactly how to do it. Seriously. I have tried a thousand systems and none of them seem to work just right for me. But, I'm nothing if not persistent, so I'm going to try again. Today I'm going to get out one of my best tries to date and try to tweak it to me. I got a box that holds hanging folders and sits on your desk top. In the past I tried other people's ideas for what the folders should say and that never worked for me. So I'm going to try it again with what I think they should say. I'm also going to make an effort to use it every day. I'm going to avoid just throwing things on my desk, I'm going to deal with them.

Also, I work better if I have a to-do list and I know what I need to do in a day, hour, week, month, whatever. I can not make a mental list because I can blow that off too easily. So I'm going to write down what I need to do and I am going to be extremely productive today. I am!!!!!

I'm also going to try and work out today, though in truth I'm still pretty sore. I would also like to ride over to 24 hour today and get "settled" in there. We shall see. That will be on my list for 'if I have time' and I'm okay with that. I also want to look for some helmets. Hubby wants to start riding my mountain bike but I'm pretty adamant that he can't ride without a helmet. When I took my spill my helmet got smashed - luckily it wasn't my head. So we are going to look around for some bell helmets, he seems to like those.

Also, in the spirit of full disclosure, I need to report on yesterday. I was pretty much a bum all day because I was really sore and it was hard to move. In the afternoon I had to head over to graduation and head up the ushers. That was mind-blowingly exhausting. Then graduation. Up until this point, I had not eaten much yesterday. I had breakfast with Hubby and some little snacks and that was about it. After graduation we headed over to a colleagues house and had a little get together. I drank 3 beers and ate some fried gau-gee, chips and dips, quesadillas, more chips and dips. Then came home and had a huge slice of apple pie. Then went to bed. So it was not the best day eating wise, but I did not stuff myself and I was hungry when I got there, so it wasn't the worst. Oh yeah, I had like 3 cookies. I want to hold myself accountable and keep myself honest, so there you have it.

Now, time to get moving.

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