12 June 2012


Really is the key. Just keep on truckin' and things will happen. I have been keeping myself on track and it's getting easier and easier to stay there. Today I went to the gym and did a strength workout on my own. Now, I have to tell you, I am very intimidated in the gym. I am. I can do cardio on every machine they have and not think twice, but strength. Yikes!!!But I did it. I followed the program the trainer had me do last week and I just did it. So very, very proud of myself. In just a week I've gained some strength. The weights from last week were light. I didn't increase them because I thought I might be wrong. But I"m not. So next week the weight goes up....

That's all I did today though. My foot is hurting and I'm not sure why, so I decided to take it easy. I'm walking a little funny and it's starting to affect my knee. That is bad. Tomorrow I'm going to put my orthotics in my shoes. I have not worn them in months.

Okay, off to log my food and see how much I burned today.

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