Early morning update

Just wanted to pop in before my day started and kind of put down what I'm thinking. I'm very excited to start and I wish that I could focus on it all day, every day. But in honesty I can't. I am not at the Biggest Loser ranch, I have a life that I need to live. But I will be focusing on it when it's appropriate.

This morning:

  • weighed myself first thing = 197.2**
  • drank 2 cups of water = bleh
  • had black coffee
  • ate a banana with peanut butter within 30 minutes of getting up = bleh
**That number does not scare me or surprise me or upset me. This week has been a week of horrendous eating - sweets, cakes, donuts, etc, at school. Then there was the alcohol yesterday at lunch...So the fact that the number is up slightly does not surprise me at all.  

Drinking water first thing in the morning - bleh!!  Definitely not used to that and definitely something I will have to get used to.  It makes me feel bloated, but that feeling doesn't last long. And I will get used to it.  

Eating within 30 minutes of waking up - bleh!!! I don't usually eat right away.  I will generally drink my coffee and not eat for at least an hour. That is just another thing I need to get used to. 

The black coffee was surprisingly easy to drink. I thought I'd have trouble since I have always used milk or creamer. But no! I was wrong. It actually tastes pretty good without creamer in it. I am going to limit myself to 1 cup a day and I would like to get that down to 1/2  a cup. Something else to work on. 

So I'm ready to get started. I'll be heading over to 24 hour fitness soon and I'm totally looking forward to it. 


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