01 June 2012

Summer has finally arrived

Not technically, but for me :) Today was the final day of school. Classes ended on Wednesday but for the last 2 days we've had final exams. Now those are done. All that is left is grading and entering final grades. Yeah!!!! We had an end of the year party at a nice restaurant and that was fun. But I am glad to be done. I will be teaching summer school but that is just different from regular school and I'm okay teaching it.

In other news, I can not wait to get things started tomorrow. I am completely shifting my eating, and while I haven't gone shopping yet I have enough in the house to get me through tomorrow. I'll probably go shopping tomorrow afternoon.

The plan for tomorrow is:  

  • get up early
  • drink a glass of water immediately after brushing teeth
  • have a small breakfast
  • have a cup of black coffee
  • bike over to 24 hour fitness
  • meet with personal trainer and workout
  • bike home
  • have a huge omelet for breakfast
  • shower
  • work on thesis
I am excited to get this thing started.  Sometimes building up the anticipation really helps.  I'm ready...very ready...

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