25 June 2012

Forks over knives and why do I doubt myself...

I am teaching a health class this summer and I found that I'm really enjoying it, but that's not why I'm writing. The other day we started watching Forks over Knives. I had heard about this moving a while back and it looked interesting and fit right in with the topic of health. So we started watching it. Unfortunately we ran out of time and then moved on to other things and never finished it. Tomorrow we are going to Whole Foods for a tour and they are associated with one of the docs in the film. I decided it would be a good idea to watch the rest of it today. So we did. And I just have to say wow!!!

I believe that things and people come into your lives at certain times for certain reasons. I've watched food documentaries before but they never affected me the way this one did today. It really struck a cord in me. In the film, the doctors espouse a plant-based diet. I have toyed around the edges of a plant based diet but I've never committed to it fully. I have gone for days at a time without meat and been absolutely fine. I enjoy going without meat for a while, it makes me feel energetic and light. Love it. So I've decided to just do it. I'm going to go on a plant based diet. I will eat nothing that has a face or a mother. Will it be easy? I doubt it, but I'm willing to give it serious effort. I told Hubby about it and he is all on board. He will still eat meat but we talked about making our own hummus and almond milk, eating legumes and whole grains. It will work out. I'm excited.

I ordered a food processor from Amazon tonight. We have a little chopper but it's little. If I'm going to be eating only plant based foods, I'll need something a little bigger. I am also going to read the book and work on some recipes so that I can go shopping this weekend. I think it's just what I need.

Since I started this journey on June 2nd, I have noticed a couple of things. I'm not bloated. I was bloated for months before I started this. I didn't realize because it came on slowly, but now I can see that I was. That alone is good enough reason to go on a plant based diet.

In other news, I went to the gym for my Couch to 5k run tonight and it was awesome. It turned out being 90 secs running/90 secs walking/3 minutes running/3 minutes walking twice. Yikes!!! I was a little scared for the 3 minutes but I rocked them. I did the 90 sec runs at 5.0 or higher and the 3 min runs at 4.8. I'm stoked and seriously confused as to why I doubt myself.

Now, I'm tired so it's into the shower and off to bed.

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