I wonder what is different now as opposed to two weeks ago? Two weeks ago I could not motivate myself to move. I was exhausted almost all the time. The thought of working out was just insane - insane I tell you. Yet here I am, a short 14 days later, and I'm totally pumped. I'm psyched about working out. I'm excited to eat right. I'm just excited. What changed?? I know it was me, but what exactly? Was it the build-up? Instead of just taking it day by day and winging it as I go, my usual routine, I planned and worked it out in my head. Wait, mental rehearsing!! I did that for 2 weeks, so when yesterday came I was ready to go. That's one thing that was lacking previously. Instead of envisioning the workout and the good feelings, I envisioned the getting ready, organizing everything, blah, blah, blah. I was exhausted before I even got out of my chair. No wonder. Also, with the food, while I thought about it all the time I didn't give it a lot of consideration. I would eat whatever was in front of me without really thinking about it. Just in yesterday and this morning, I'm giving it so much more thought and consideration even if I'm starving. Interesting.

I was working out a little while ago and there are these huge letters on the wall of 24 with different inspirational messages. One across the room from me was 'BELIEVE IN YOURSELF' and I read it and my immediate thought was, I do!!! Wow, where did that come from???

Anyway, went to 24 and got my cardio on. Did 15 minutes on the bike at level 3 - easy, easy. Did 15 minutes on this weird elliptical type machine that simulated climbing stairs?!?!? It was strange but a good workout. Then I headed over to the treadmill. So many thoughts were running through my head; I'll do C25K; I'll just run a little; I'll run slow; blah, blah, blah..... I ended up taking a conservative approach and walked the entire time. I did 15 minutes total and every 3 minutes I would speed it up a little. So I started at 2.5mph, at 3 minutes went to 2.7mph, at 6 minutes 3.0mph, at 9 minutes 3.5mph, then at 12 minutes I took it back down to 3.0mph to start cooling off. I so wanted to run but I also don't want to kill myself too early. So I showed restraint and maturity and kept it easy. Very proud of myself...


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