03 June 2012

Body Bugg

I am a scientist. Because of that I really do love numbers. I love figuring things out and having the numbers work. One of the things that I found works for me is the numbers for weight loss. When I lost all that weight back in 1998, part of what worked for me was keeping track of the numbers. I was with Weight Watchers and so I tracked points. A few years ago when I had the Body Bugg for the first time, I loved the numbers it gave me. I had all kinds of stats and numbers to deal with. Above is what the Body Bugg screen looks like. It shows the calories burned, calories consumed, and the deficit. It's only by creating a deficit can I lose weight. I really like the chart at the bottom. If I put my cursor over one of the bars on the graph it will tell me how many calories I burn per minute. It's rather awesome.

Just thought I'd share if anyone is interested.

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