15 June 2012

Hold on, it's getting bumpy

I knew this would happen and I'm trying very hard to keep things in perspective and not let them spin out of control. On Monday I hurt my foot. It's nothing new, something I've dealt with for years, but it happened and it hurt. Bad. I immediately dug out my orthotics and put them in and they are most definitely helping. But, after Tuesday's workout when I was nearly in tears from pain, I decided it would probably be wise to rest a little. Well, it has been good for my foot, but as I wrote in my last post, exercise for me is more about the mental game. My workouts serve as a reminder of exactly what I'm doing and help keep me on track food wise. Since I didn't workout Wednesday, Thursday, and today, things have been a little bit wonky. Nothing terribly serious, I just need to keep it in check. Oh right, let's not forget the absolutely killer heat and humidity we've had this week. That makes me feel like a limp noodle that does not want to move. So it's been a little bit tough. I'm hoping to have maintained my weight from last week and not gone up. It hasn't been horrible, I'm talking a little ice cream one night, and some pretzels yesterday. Nothing crazy just not what I want to be doing. Tomorrow morning I'm heading back to the gym for Zumba and Body Pump. I need to push myself and I need to feel that workout high.

I did, however, get some computer problems straightened out. I needed a VGA cable for my monitor and some hp batteries for my laptop. I need to take a picture of my office and post it. There are now more computers in here then dogs. And there are a lot of dogs......

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