16 June 2012


Down 1.8 lbs this week!! That is definitely success. I was hoping to just maintain since I was a little off kilter this week. I was not expecting this. But, as the quote says, success is the sum of small efforts. So even though I didn't workout as much as I wanted and I ate some things I shouldn't have, the small things that I did right worked. Awesome.

I had a thought last night, I had been taking Osteo Bi-flex for about 4 months because of my horrible joints. A couple of weeks ago I ran out and I had thought I'd stop taking it - I had a reason for stopping but I can not remember it now. Anyway, I stopped. Since then I've had some aches and pains in my joints. Now I've also kicked up the workouts so the aches and pains could be from that. Or it could be a combination of the two. Hmmmm....I wonder. Maybe I should start taking it again and see if it helps.

Today is going to be another busy Saturday. I'm heading to the gym this morning, I'm definitely doing Body Pump but I'm debating on Zumba. I could run instead and since that's what I really want to do, maybe I'll do that. Then I'll do Body Pump.  Hmmm....decisions, decisions....... Then this afternoon there is a reception at the Hawaiian Humane Society that I've been invited to. That will be fun,  I get to go see all the doggies.....

So the good news from yesterday, which I believe I never wrote about, was that I registered for the Great Aloha Run.  They had their first festival downtown yesterday from 11-1 and since I was done teaching at 11, Amber and I headed down there. It was a lot of fun.  They had a 1/2 mile walk around the park it was in and there were stations along the way that gave out things; hand sanitizer, sunscreen; lip balm; stress balls; etc.  The Great Aloha Run is sponsored by Kaiser and so they weave in healthy living into the whole things. At the very end of the walk they gave out little Subway sandwiches....sweet!!!  They also had booths where you could test your sunglasses (Amber's cheap-o's were as good as my expensive ones), see the sun damage to your skin, get your bodyfat measured, things like that. It was good fun and I'm glad I got a chance to go. Usually these are held while I'm teaching and there is no way for me to make it.  Finally.

So that's that for now. I'm off to get ready to head out to the gym. In spite of myself I lost weight this week, time to get back on track and work at it..

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