04 August 2012

Going down

Last week my weight was up, way up, 195!!! And I felt every ounce of that. This week I started school and while I tried to make good choices in the food they offered, there was pizza one day and I was hungry and I ate way, way too much. But I have been biking everyday and for the last 2 days eating vegan in during the day and meat only at night. Stepped on the scale this morning and I'm down to 192.2. Wow! That is the lowest I've been all summer. I honestly believe, that for me, the food is the most important part. If I can get the food under control everything else will fall into place. If I eat well, I feel better. If I feel better, I want to do more things. If I want to do more things, I get more active. It all just fits. So I'm going to focus on eating. Right now, while I'm adjusting to returning to school, I'm kind of tired and we need to start walking the dogs again, so that will take up my evenings. I'm just going to focus on food and the activity will come. It will. I do want to start running but maybe for now that will have to be restricted to the weekends. Who knows. I refuse to stress over it anymore. I'm just going to do the best I can and live with it.

In other news, have you been watching the Olympics??? Awesome, awesome stuff. That Gabby Douglas was absolutely amazing. Lochte, Phelps, and Douglas in swimming. Awesome!!! I even watched the equestrian stuff a bit. That is just beautiful to watch. Dressage is so elegant, those horses are so graceful. It's almost like watching ballet. I even love the equestrian apparel, there is something about those clothes I just love. Who knows?????

Okay, time to start my day. Bella has a vet appointment this morning and training class this afternoon. Busy Saturday.....

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