26 August 2012

Good Day

Yesterday was an awesome day. I worked out hard - what constitutes hard at this fitness level anyway - and my eating was okay. Ended up having lunch at Ruby Tuesday's - completely unplanned - and split a burger with Hubby, and had a beer. But did not eat the rest of the day until dinner. Took Bella to training and walked the dogs. Felt great - awesome, awesome day. Ended up eating ~2000 cals but burned ~2700 so it all worked out in the end. I'm pleased.

Today is going to be similar. I need to workout, do laundry, clean a little, prep for next week - food and clothes, etc. Then we have to walk the dogs again - we have to. So it will be a fun filled day :) I need to clean this room. My desk is a disaster.

Now it's time to workout though....

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