30 August 2012

Food as fuel - and that's all

It amazes me how I have to relearn things over and over and over.....

I've been really good with my eating and haven't had sweets for about 2 weeks. Well, let me qaulify that, I've had small pieces of sweets, and I mean small, close to bedtime once or twice. But that's it. Yesterday was a great day, I found out I got a raise first thing in the morning and it was all good from there on out. On my way home I was a little tired but nothing unusual. When I got home I found that Hubby had bought some lemon cake. Yum. Since I was happy and in a good mood I decided to have a piece. Old habits. Over the course of.the rest of the night i proceded to have 4 pieces. 4. 4. 4. Both before and after dinner. By 7pm I was exhausted. Wiped out. I could not keep my eyes open. It was horrible. Then this morning I overslept -which my or my not be related - and had a touch of diaherrea. Can it be,more obvious? I am firmly convinced that I got soooo incredibly tired because of that stupid cake. I'm convinced of it. After not having much sugar for a couple of weeks, suddenly I flood the system. And how does the system react - it wants to shut down. It makes perfect sense to me.
I was doing great until I started eating that damn cake. I've managed to wean myself off bread and milk because of the way my body reacts, I guess it's time to do the same with sweets.

This whole journey is really just a learning experience. For a long time I could eat indiscriminately and not suffer any consequences. Milk, bread (not sure if it's yeast or what), soy, now sweets, all of them mess with my gut and I don't like it. So it's time to finally and forever, step away from the cake.

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