18 August 2012

The good times just keep coming

Definitely a good week. Being happy is just awesome. School was really great this week, I firmly believe it's going to be a good year. Workouts - eh, not so much. Food - 80% rule was in place this week. But overall very, very good. I went to bed every night exhausted and happy in the day.

I've come to accept the fact that the gym really isn't for me. It's fine when I have lots of time on my hands. But when I'm working it's just inconvenient. Yes, in many ways that is an excuse but I want to spend time at home. I love my house and I love my dogs. I would rather be home with them than just about anywhere. So I've decided to look for a treadmill. If I can run at home it will work better than the gym. When I lost all that weight before it was with a home treadmill.

Ugh, my neighbor is outside smoking a cigar. He smokes those cheap things and they stink. I don't mind cigar smoke if it's premium cigars that are well made and smell good. My neighbor is such an idiot.

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