31 August 2012

Time for something new

After my run in with the lemon cake on Wednesday, I've been recovering slowly. I swear, if more people were aware of the way things affected their body, they would never eat half the stuff they do. What that lemon cake did to me is horrible and I don't want to have that happen any more.

Okay, on to bigger and better things. Tomorrow morning I get to try something I've been wanting to try for a long, long time. Crossfit. I am so excited. I'm nervous as all hell but I'm more excited. I've wanted to do Crossfit forever, but the only gym was in town and at times that just did not work for me. Now there is one right here in Kaneohe and I could not be more excited. So tomorrow I'm going for the intro class. I can not wait. I was supposed to go on Tuesday night but I decided not to because I did not want to spend the rest of the week at school sore. So I wisely decided to wait until Saturday of a long weekend. Tomorrow. I'm excited. They have these really cool t-shirts for sale, I'll have to remember to bring some money. They are really different. I'm sure it took them a while to find the best customized t-shirts because these are not like any I've seen before.

Okay, enough. I have things to do....

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