23 September 2012


Yesterday I dragged my butt to Crossfit even though I was really tired and lethargic. I ended up being the only one who showed up so I got a personal workout with 2 coaches. After warming up, we first worked up to maximum back squat weight. Basically we kept adding weights to a bar until we could only do 1 squat. I topped out at 120# and was quite pleased with that.

Next up was a partner workout which I did with one of the coaches. It was 50 clean n jerks and we would take turns doing them. So I started and did like 7, then she did like 8, then I did some more and so on. This is one of the Crossfit benchmark workouts called Cindy and the goal is to do it in under 5 minutes. We did it in 4:49. Woo Hoo!!!! So I ended up being very glad I went.

Once I came home, showered, and ate though I was tired. We did some shopping and I came home and just crashed on the couch for about an hour. I was wiped out. Then it was off to dog training with Bella. She is so smart.

Dinner last night was a complete departure from the normal. At Whole Foods we had picked up some cod and a spaghetti squash. We panko'd the cod and baked it and cooked the spaghetti squash. I'm ashamed to say that I have never had that before. And it was awesome. We had it just plain with a little butter and it was delish, I can imagine how good it would be if you doctored it up a little. I also roasted some vegetables I had and they were awesome. I love roasted vegetables!!!!

After that we kicked back and watched a movie. Turned out to be a totally awesome day and absolutely nothing special happened.

On the agenda today is a treadmill run - I'm going for 2 miles not time. Then laundry and house cleaning followed by some lesson planning. This afternoon a friend of ours is having the baby christened and there's a little get together after. We'll probably go to that for awhile. Then it's get ready for the week. 2 more weeks until fall break. I can do this.....

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