This is what most people look like after a Crossfit workout. Last night we are all lying all over the place completely covered in sweat. It was awesome!!!!

So I went last night instead of in the morning and it was much better. I got a lot accomplished yesterday and after my workout I was tired. A good kind tired. I was in bed by 9:30 and that is a perfectly acceptable hour to go to bed.

Woke up this morning starving. That is another benefit of working out at night. If I work out in the morning I spend the day eating. When I work out at night I eat dinner and go to bed in a couple of hours. Much better than eating all day long.

So evening workouts are definitely for me. I wonder if I've always been like that or if this is something new. When I look back on my life, most of my workouts were in the evening for most of my life. Hmmmm....I wonder if I've been trying to make myself a morning workout person for no reason. I know that by doing it in the morning I get it over with. Waiting until evening allows too many things to go wrong and get in the way. But I like evening workouts. I like being able to go to bed a few hours later. Hmmm.... I may have to reset my thinking about this. Interesting.

Okay, I have things I want to accomplish today, so I'm off to work...... (I'm not going anywhere but I'm going to get things done).


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