10 October 2012

Handstand revisited

Crossfit is big on handstands. Handstands, handstand push-ups. Whatever. If you can do it on your hands they are all for it. I have also figured out the pattern to the Crossfit workout. We warm-up then spend 10-15 minutes working on something. We have worked on front squats, deadlifts, cleans, etc. These things may or may not be in the workout. The idea is to spend a little time perfecting a move and then do the workout. I like it.

On Monday I decided to go in the morning and that was a huge mistake. The morning class is at 10am and that time just does not work for me. Also, it has been super, super hot here and by 10am I am just dripping sweat from doing absolutely nothing. But I wanted to give it a go so I went. For the first 10 minutes we worked on handstands. I have done this once before at Crossfit and actually got up. I tried again on Monday and got up twice but man oh man did it kill my wrists. I could not stay up for more then a few seconds my right wrist hurt so bad. But it is something to work towards. A handstand pushup?? With a lot of work I could do that.

Back to the Monday morning workout. The workout was 60 secs of front squats, 60 secs of weighted sit ups, 30 secs of power cleans, and 30 seconds of rest. Do that 4 times. By the time we started the workout, 10:30am, it was so brutally hot in the box that just being in there made you sweat. I found that I could not push myself as hard as I normally do during a workout. It was so hot and I was sweating so much it was impossible to push myself as hard as I normally would. So I felt like I only gave a half effort or 3/4 effort really.

Afterwards I biked over to do some errands and ended up going home because I was so tired. I found myself really, really hungry. After a shower I had something to eat - what, I do not remember - and collapsed on the couch. I spent the rest of the day hungry and exhausted. There was a lot of napping on the couch and eating things I should not have eaten. Not a good day really. Yesterday was easily as hot and sweaty but I got whole lot accomplished because I did not workout in the morning.

So what is the point of all this drivel??? I'm not going to Crossfit this morning. I'm going to wait and go tonight like I normally do. It's not so hot then and I can push myself harder. Also, if I'm exhausted I will be going to bed soon so no problem.

Today will be busy. I have a craft project going - I'm redoing a table - and I want to make great progress on that today. Also, I need to look at tv mount by standsandmounts. We are considering getting one of those thin TVs for the house and I want to see if it can be mounted on our flimsy walls. My house is what they call single wall construction. It's only tongue and groove one wall. It's something that was popular in tropical climates. Luckily that popularity is fading but I have one :)

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