26 October 2012

Food and other nasty things

I've always said that it would be easier to be an alcoholic or a drug addict. At least those you can avoid completely. Having issues with food is hard, really, really hard. You can not avoid food. You have to eat. You don't have to drink or take drugs, but you have to eat.

So yesterday I was completely okay with what I ate. I knew exactly what I was doing going into it and I was fine with that. Today on the other hand, just got away from me. I stopped at Starbucks for breakfast - non-fat latte and an oatcake. Ended up not having lunch until 1:30 and that was a tuna sandwich. We decided to go to the mall, Sports Authority opened up right near me - woo hoo!!! We decided to go check it out and pick up something to eat. I made a very reasonable choice in Blazing Steaks. This is basically grilled steak. Not a bad choice at all. It comes with rice and salad, not great but totally doable. The problem arose when 2 of my students called me over to Hot Dog on a Stick. Turns out it was family and friends night and you could get 2 entrees and a drink for free. For free. How cool is that. Initially I was going to decline, but then I thought about their fried zucchini. I haven't had that in years and I love it. So I got an order. Plus an order of funnel cake. Plus a large lemonade. And proceeded to eat it. Me and Hubby. All of it. Now I am stuffed and sleepy and not overly pleased with myself.

But!!!! Tomorrow is a new day and I'm not going to dwell on the negative things and look towards the positive. My box, Crossfit, is starting a paleo challenge in November and I'm going for it. I need to spend some time this weekend figuring out what I'm going to eat and stocking up. This should be good.

Okay, the food binge has officially ended and tomorrow will be a better day.

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