08 December 2012

Changing priorities

This is kind of how I feel after every Crossfit workout.

So I was planning on putting this blog on hiatus for a while, but it's like my baby. I've had it for over 8 years now. It's hard to just turn around and walk away. I do find my priorities changing though and writing here just doesn't have the thrill it used to. So for now I will write when I feel like and just leave it at that.

Since the paleo challenge ended I have continued to eat the same way, the only difference being is now I use honey once in a while for a little sweetness. I find that honey does not set off my sugar cravings nor does it send my blood sugar on a roller coaster ride. So a little bit now and then is good. I have not lost any more weight since the challenge ended and I'm not sure why. I've been eating the same way and yet the scale has remained the same. Of course it could be that things are changing internally, muscle replacing fat, etc. I'm not going to get crazy over it, I'll just keep plugging along, because the bottom line is I feel awesome.

My workouts though have taken a turn for the better. I used to enter the box with a kind of dread, okay I still do a little :) I would look at the WOD and think yikes, how am I going to do that. Well, I've been pushing myself to do the AV workouts more and more. I've also found I am recovering much, much quicker. During the workout I feel like I am dying and for a couple of minutes after. But as soon as I start moving around I start to feel better and within 3-4 minutes I am fine. Just fine. Someone told me years ago that the way to measure progress in workouts is not really what you can do but how quickly you recover. So I've gone from needing a nap after a morning workout to being fine in 3-5 minutes. I am definitely making progress.

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