02 December 2012


So the lady at Crossfit wants me to write a testimonial about the Natural November challenge. I'm having a little difficulty as I'm not sure what tack to take. I could literally write books about the challenge from many different angles. I can not decide which one would be best.

  • I could talk about how it got me back on track for weight loss.
  • I could talk about how it stopped the blood sugar episodes
  • I could talk about how much energy I have
  • Or how I no longer have those horrible stomach issues
I could talk about them all but I think that would be too long.  I could go into my history but are people really interested in that?  Of course, if you're trying to get people to try it who might not otherwise, my history might help. 

I don't know. I don't have to do it right this second, but I want to get it done while it's all fresh in my mind.  It sure would be a lot easier if I could write about 
where to find pandora charms. That's an easy topic because they are everywhere and I have actually been looking at them.

Okay, I'm off to put it out of my mind and hopefully something will come from it.

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