15 December 2012

Really should have reconsidered that

I have been eating Paleo since Nov 1st. Actually since Oct 27th (I started early). That's 7 weeks. 49 days. In that time I have had only very small amounts of sugar. I have not had wheat at all. And the small amounts of sugar have not really bothered me much. Oh, I lied. I did have stuffing on Thanksgiving and that contained wheat. I forgot.

Yesterday was the last day of school for the semester. That means parties. Class parties. School parties. Parties. I decided to let things slide for 1 day. I had been so good for so long, I figured 1 day would not kill me. So I ate. Cookies. Beer. Cupcakes. Pretzels. Ice cream. Chocolate. BBQ sauce. I think that's all. By 4pm I felt like crap and did not go to Crossfit. By 5pm I was feeling worse. I lay on the couch most of the night regretting everything I ate. I woke up this morning to some intestinal distress. My and the bathroom have become quite close over the last couple of hours. I really want to go to Crossfit this morning but I'm not sure that I can. I have to decide soon or else I will miss class.

The good thing is, I don't even want to look at food this morning. I want to avoid it all. My stomach and digestive track is a mess and I don't want to put anything in it. I want it to clean itself out before I add to it.

Ugh!!! Why did I do that??? No more. Ever. The good news is I got a Paleo cookbook from my secret Santa so I'll be cooking good all break. I can not wait. Okay, I'm going to force myself to go to Crossfit. Suck it up buttercup.

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