01 December 2012

Reflections on Paleo

Yesterday was the final day of my 30-Day Natural November Paleo Challenge. This morning I go for the final weighing and measurements. I wanted to write this reflection before that so that whatever the numbers show do not cloud my judgement of the whole process.

Let's start with the somewhat superficial benefits. I'm wearing smaller clothes. When I started this whole journey I was wearing pants that were a large 14 and XL tops. Both of these things were somewhat loose and baggy on me and that's the way I liked it. I tried to hide behind my clothes because my body was not great. I am now wearing more form fitting clothes and really liking it. There is also the little things only I would notice. When I sit, my belly no longer sits on my lap. On the couch I can sit and bend my leg with my foot right next to my butt and be comfortable. I can actually suck my belly in. These are minor, possibly silly things, but when you haven't been able to do them in a while they become important.

Now, down to the more serious stuff. My body actually works like it should. I no longer get these uncontrollable cravings where I need to eat everything in sight. My blood sugar has not gone out of whack the whole month. I've been able to go without eating and not end up in a blood sugar nightmare. I no longer have that bloated feeling after I eat. My stomach doesn't hurt after I eat, except for the 2 times I ate things I should not have. Food is no longer constantly on my mind. After years of dieting and counting points and calories and fat grams, you have no idea how nice it is to just eat when I'm hungry and not constantly dwell on what my next meal is or when I should eat it. I have tried everything over the years; fasting, eating every 3-4 hours; Weight Watchers; Atkins; Jenny Craig; you name it I tried it. With every single one I became obsessed with something and as a result food was constantly on my mind. Now I can actually string together hours at a time where I don't think about food. I have found myself saying, "guess I better eat now since my next break is not until school is over." When I do get hungry, I get hungry. Not ravenous where if I don't eat something now I'm going to gnaw off my arm. But hungry like, I better get some food soon. I can still think and function when I'm hungry, food does not become the only thing on my mind. And I can actually delay a meal and not die.

Finally, my energy has just gone through the roof. On the weekends I still take naps in the afternoon. But now, instead of 1-2 hours, they are 20 minutes. I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to do something. And when I sleep at night I sleep good. I would sleep better if it wasn't for this carpal tunnel, but Paleo can't fix everything.

So today I find out how it went, but that part really doesn't matter a whole lot. I love the way I feel and I want to continue to feel this way. So I'm going to continue to eat this way. Maybe not so strict, maybe a little tiny indulgence here and there, but basically I'm sticking with the program.

Edited to add: the numbers are in. I lost 10lbs all of which was body fat. My muscle percent stayed the same as did my water. So all the weight lost was body fat. That's almost 2% difference. My inches also went down 6 inches overall. Everything went down. I am so pleased with this. I am going to continue to eat this way but I did go buy some raw honey and maple syrup so I can add a little sweetness now and then. Also, the lady who runs it wants me to do a testimonial so that she can publish it on their page. Woot!!! Woot!!! Woot!!!!

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