30 December 2012

Sore all over

It started with this on Friday night. Hold this for 30 seconds, 5 times. That's hard. Hard on the arms. Hard on the shoulders. Hard on the core because you use the core to hold you up there. So this is where it all began.

Then yesterday we had to do this:

Followed by this:

And topped off with this:

After standing on my hands for 2.5 minutes, my shoulders were trashed. Then do all these moves??? Yikes. We did them in rounds: 25-20-25-10-5. So I did a total of 85 lunges, 85 push presses, and 85 pushup rows. No wonder I'm so freaking sore.

After the workout yesterday all I could do was eat. I made myself a huge lunch, all paleo, and ate it all. Then we went out to dinner and I went off Paleo, plus I had dessert. This morning I don't feel too bad, except for the incredible soreness, but I do need to eat strict today and drink lots of water. And rest. Today will be a real and true rest day. I am definitely looking forward to it and I have earned it.....

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