21 January 2013

It's not about the number

It's really not. On the whole, weight loss is not about the number on a scale. As I well know as both a scientist and a long time dieter, the number on the scale only represents your relationship with gravity at that particular moment in time. Move 2 feet to the left and it may change. Wait 5 minutes and it may change. So logically I know, it's not about the number at all. But it is hard not to get excited about a number. The number I saw today I have not seen in a long, long time, at least 3 years - possibly longer.

So let's focus on non-number things. This week I fit into pants that I have not worn in easily 3 years. I'm pretty sure i haven't worn them since we moved into this house. And it's not one pair, it's 3 different pairs. One of the pairs I hardly wore when they "fit" because I didn't like the way they fit. Not a problem now.

I'm feeling amazing. I have energy and want to do things and am just overall happy. I love the feeling of my stomach not sticking out but actually being able to suck it in. Nice.

I'm getting so much stronger. At Crossfit I'm doing things and pushing myself to new levels. Something I wasn't sure I'd ever be able to do again. That's an amazing feeling.

My arms have muscles. For the first time in forever, my arms do not look fat and flabby. They are starting to get shape and definition. It is an amazing thing to see. I love looking at and feeling my arms.

My whole attitude has changed. I am my normal positive, upbeat, generally happy self and I love it.

On Saturday I woke with a slight head cold. Instead of getting crazy and start pumping medicine, I decided to let it runs it's course. I'm eating well, probably the best I've ever eaten, and I'm working out. I knew my body could handle this. And it did. I woke up today feeling almost 100% normal.

So yeah, the number on the scale is not what it's about. But it sure was nice to see 180 this morning. 3 pounds down from last week. Yeah!!!!

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