25 January 2013

Not enough food

I do this. I get into an eating routine and I slowly stop eating as much food as I need. I don't really notice it until I start to get all draggy and down. And that's what happened this week.

Last weekend I had a bit of a headcold. Nothing serious but I was sniffly and tired all weekend. By Monday I was feeling much better. When Tuesday rolled around and I headed back to school, I just wasn't feeling myself. I was still tired and really, really dragging. I put it down to the lingering effects of my slight head cold and just carried on. But it never really left me. I felt down and dragging all week. Also, it's been cold here and I have not been able to get warm for days. I woke this morning and said that's it, I'm staying home and kicking whatever the hell is bothering me. Since I don't really feel sick, it's more tired, I decided to try and figure out what's wrong. A clue came when I ate breakfast and it made no difference in the way I felt. Usually eating gives me a little jolt of energy. Today, nothing. That got me to thinking. So I just went to a calorie counter and entered my typical food for a day. I'm eating less than 1,000 calories a day. I did not do that on purpose. It is something that I do every so often, especially if I get sick. I have to force myself to eat and gradually I just eat less and less until I'm not eating enough. When I'm not eating enough I don't feel like me and I have no energy. Thankfully the problem is easily solved.

So I have the day off and will work on eating food. I'm going to force myself to walk to the store and pick up some things. Then I will make a big lunch with lots of meat and veggies. Sounds good already and my stomach is waking up. I love when I figure out what's going on.......

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