02 March 2013


These past couple of weeks have been a little crazy for me. First, in early February, things were going great. I was feeling awesome, rocking the Paleo, generally on top of the world. Then things slowly started to cave in. I lost motivation/effort/whatever, I bought a car and that got slapped with an unforeseen financial burden (not related to the car), then I injured myself during the Great Aloha Run, finally I contracted the plague last week (okay, maybe it was just the flu, but it felt like the plague).

All my big plans to start running last week and working ChiRunning into my routine all fell by the wayside in the presence of the flu. I have to admit something here. I never get a flu shot and I kind of poo-poo people who do. I always say that I prefer to let nature take it's course and that if I get the flu I can fight it off, blah, blah, blah. The truth of the matter is that I have not had the flu in years and years and years. Seriously. It's easy to poo-poo something you haven't experienced in a long time. It's easy to take the superior position when you have no real knowledge of what you are talking about. I felt like death for days this week, and for 2 days I was in screaming pain. Seriously, pain so bad I wanted to cry but it hurt too much to cry. I will never poo-poo the flu again and I may very well start getting the shots.

Anyway, since my sole goal this week was to stay alive, it's time to rethink my goals for the month of March. I am still debating with myself about going to Crossfit this morning. I think I can do it, I'm just afraid that I may start coughing and never stop. At least today I feel well enough to consider Crossfit. That is a huge improvement.

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