17 March 2013

Raring to go

Today I feel like I am finally back to 100%. I have been kind of awake since about 4 am. I finally got out of be a little bit before 6 am. I fed the birds, showered (something I never do right away), made breakfast and started laundry. Wow, all before 7 am. On a Sunday. Yup, I am back and it feels amazing.

Yesterday's 13.2 went well. I counted for another lady during the first round so I kind of got an idea of how it would go. I did mine during the second round. I got in 152 reps, which is 5 full rounds plus 2. Sweet. I really would have liked to get 6 rounds but my goal was 5 and I made it. I am happy. I spent the rest of the day yesterday writing 2 papers for class. I have to rethink my work strategy. I work best under pressure, I know that, but I also would like time to really formulate good papers. So I need to figure out how to balance those things.

Today's agenda includes some more school work, both as student and teacher. Plus a little housework, laundry and some cleaning. Finally, I'm hoping to take Bella on an adventure today. She needs to get her nails cut, so I'm thinking of taking her to the vet for that and then to the beach. We have not been to the beach in about a year. We'll see.

Now, I have to go switch over the laundry. First load is already done....Boo yah!!!!!!!!!

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Tom said...

Knocking out one task after another. Pure awesomeness


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