24 March 2013


Today it begins. I am going to get back into running. I am!!! I really do love running, when I'm doing it regularly and it doesn't hurt. For the next 2 weeks I am going to run a little every day. I will start on the treadmill and hopefully by the end of 2 weeks the weather will be nice enough to move outside. I'm planning on continuing this when school returns. I will get up a 4:30, do a little run then get ready for work. I not only know I can do this, I will enjoy it. The problem is getting over the initial pain and agony. I'm thinking that shouldn't take more than 2 weeks. I am starting with couch to 5k and going to just run through it day by day. I want to run again but I also need to build up my cardio. That kind of sucks right now. So I'm off for my first "run" in a long time.

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