Well, that was interesting.....

I seriously thought I could do all 150 wall balls. Really!!! I thought I would get at least a few double unders in. It was not to be. I could give you a whole long list of reasons excuses why, but the bottom line is it didn't happen. What did happen is that there were points when I thought my heart was going to explode. Maybe I need to get a fingertip pulse oximeter to monitor my blood oxygen. Or maybe I need to work a tiny bit on my cardio. Whatever. But I learned from this and that is probably the best thing to happen. I learned that the attitude I walk in with has a huge, huge influence on the outcome of the WOD. I learned that, while heavy, a 14# medicine ball is totally doable. I learned that eating crap and thinking it will be okay is so, so, so wrong. So even though I only got 102 wall balls in 12 minutes, I feel this was a success because of all I learned from it. Now I need to put this behind me and more on with my life.


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