27 March 2013

Squat Snatch

I really kind of suck at this move. I'm not great at any move that starts like this (shrugging the shoulders and pulling up the elbows) but this one is really bad because it ends in a squat. This was in the workout last night and it just about kicked my a*s.

The full workout was:

  • Squat snatches - 45#
  • burpees
  • box jump overs - 12"
This about killed me. At one point I was sure I was going to throw up. At 2 other points I was sure I was not going to finish. Absolutely brutal. But I did finish. It took me 27:41, but I did it. 

By the time I got home last night, the left side of my neck/shoulder was starting to tighten up.  I showered, put some Cryoderm on it, and took ibuprofen before I went to bed. Both shoulders are sore this morning. 

I'm debating about running this morning. I have run for 3 mornings in a row and my workout last night was brutal. These items may or may not be related. So I'm thinking of taking a day off running. Working out tonight, then running tomorrow and taking a day off Crossfit. We'll see. Maybe I'll just walk :)

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