24 April 2013

No more excuses

The other night at Crossfit, I finished my workout with a spasm in my lower back. I was bitching and complaining, I actually almost quit the workout. Finally one of the men said to me, it all sounds like excuses. That has been rolling around in my head since then I can finally say out loud, he was right. Every workout I was coming up with all kinds of excuses. Now, I did injure my shoulder and it's still sore, but all that means is I have to take it easy with it. Everything else is just an excuse. So last night I have it my all and did pretty good. Tonight I gave it my all and while I didn't get to finish the workout because I ran out of time, I know I gave it everything I had. And I'm happy. So no more excuses. I'm going to go, work hard, and do my best. I know from experience my best will get better and better as time goes on.

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Boot Camp Brisbane said...

Without the right mindset, you will be facing unnecessary difficulties. Realize that anything worth striving for will be challenging. Go into this with massive determination and focus.

When you take this seriously, your motivation to workout will automatically increase.

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