It really is that simple

and it really is that hard. Turning the switch from off to on, for any reason, is a simple thing yet so hard to do. What I have discovered is that if I can turn it on in one area of my life, I can generally coax it on in other areas. For example, I wrote about someone's comment at Crossfit about my making excuses. Since that night I have not been allowing myself to make any excuses. I either do something or I don't - thank you Yoda. That's all. I give my best and if it happens, it happens. If not, well, next time I have to give more. That's it. It's been working out really well. Because I've had that attitude with Crossfit and things are starting to click again, it's spreading. I have a 16 page paper to write. I've had 2 weeks to write it but I've really been blocked the few times I tried to write. This morning I sat down with the conviction that I could totally do this, and it started to come. I still have a long way to go, but I'm off to a good start and feeling better about the whole thing.

Workouts lately have been good, though I have been taking it easy on my shoulder. I injured my right shoulder on April 26th doing snatches at Crossfit. It did not seem like a serious injury and had I taken some time off it probably would have gone away quickly. Instead I kept going and it's dragged out, slowly getting better. Last night it was feeling darn good but I could not do overhead squats. Something about having my arms up and squatting made it hurt. I rolled it out with a weight bar and it started moving better. This leads me to believe that it is really healed, just stiff and/or scar tissue I need to work out. So I will work on mobility with that. Because of that, I have been taking it a little easy on it. No explosive movements that could injure it. Only controlled movements. But I've still been working my ass off.

Tuesday WOD was a 12 min AMRAP:

  • 5 burpees jumping to touch bar
  • 15 rebounding box jumps - used 8" box
  • 5 dumbell snatch - used left arm only, 1st 3 rounds 25#, last 2 rounds 35#
I got in 5 full rounds, 5 burpees, and 15 box jumps. 

Wednesday WOD was 3 rounds with a 30 minute cap: 
  • 800 m run
  • 80 situps
  • 40 lunges
I got 2 full rounds in plus the last run.  Brutal, brutal workout

Thursday WOD was for time: 
  • 42 wall balls -  8#
  • 252 single unders
  • 30 wall balls
  • 180 single unders
  • 18 wall balls
  • 108 single unders 
I did it all in 12:55. 

Finally, last night's WOD was a 12 min EMOM: 
  • 4 push-ups
  • kettlebell swings - 25#
I got a total of 123 kettlebell swings. 

Each workout I've had a positive attitude and did my absolute best at. I was a little dissappointed in some of my performances, but that only means I have lots of room to improve. 

Now I'm off to get ready for today's workout. Saturdays are always brutal, so wish me luck. 


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