02 April 2013

Shoulder Issues

See this? I'm having trouble doing this. It's not so much that there's pain, it's more like the muscle and/or joint locks up and it's hard to move it. There is a little pain but it's not serious. It started yesterday afternoon. I had gone to Crossfit in the morning and pushed myself on the snatches, so that may be where it started. Then I proceeded to sit around most of the day and do a whole lot of nothing - which I'm sure didn't help it. By last night it was like this. I'm pretty certain that it's something in my neck or upper back, just because I have problems with those areas. But it is really annoying. I can not just lift my arm, I have to think about it and work it up. Very annoying. Oh well, I'm going to take some ibuprofen (cardinal sin) and put some of my magic stuff on it and see if it loosens up.

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