01 April 2013

More Squat Snatches

Yes, back at it again. During the strength part I chose to work on these since I seriously suck at them. I ended up doing 50# - 60# - 70# - 75#. That is a PR for me. Woot, woot. The 75# was really ugly, but I got it up. Yeah me.

The workout was:
21-15-9 for time
Rack Lunges - 50#
Pike Push-ups - I used red/blue bands

I did this workout in 6:25. Not bad. This number is more of a sprint kind of workout. You want to go fast and hard. Also, it's kind of on the light side so not a real muscle buster. I was the only one there at 10 am so the coach was watching me the entire time. How fun. But I felt good, I pushed myself and I like when I do that.

Now it's time for lunch, then some studying. Oh fun....

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