27 May 2013


Last night was our schools graduation. I was in charge of the ushers and the door. The graduation starts at 5 pm. At 4:50 pm we close and lock the doors so that the graduates can get into position. At 4:40 pm I went around outside telling people the doors were closing in 10 minutes. At 4:45 pm I went around outside telling people the doors were closing in 5 minutes. At 4:48 pm I went around telling people the doors were closing in 2 minutes. At 4:54 pm I closed the doors. People were yelling and crying that they needed to get inside. I tried to explain that the graduates have to line up and go. The ceremony has started. One man, on the inside, kept telling me that there were people still trying to park. I said they should have gotten here earlier. The place was filled with people who got here early, parked and were seated and waiting. If they wanted to get here they should have come earlier. Finally, a mother who was stuck outside, started banging on the glass door with her fist and telling me if I didn't open the door she was going to kick my ass!!! Wow!! Really???? You are at your daughter's graduation and this is how you act? You are at a catholic school graduation, and this is how you act? You are holding a baby in your arms, and this is how you act? I was floored to say the least.

This particular class has been trouble since they got here. In freshman year, the whole class had an attitude and it just got worse as they progressed through the years. We always referred to them as a whole and usually not in nice terms. This is my 4th graduation and every single time I've gotten a little teary. It' s a huge milestone, they have their whole lives ahead of them, blah, blah, blah. This year, after that scene, all I could think is when will this be over???? Also, after graduation, I usually walk around and hug the ones I really like, and in this class there are only a few believe me. But last night, no way. I was out of there without talking to any of the graduates. I wanted nothing to do with that entire class. We were talking yesterday and one of the other teachers said, this class reminds them of white trash. Just the way the act and the things they do. I didn't completely agree, but after last night, yeah, I agree. They pretty much are white trash.

I seriously was so angry... I still am... What a freaking moron. How low class is that, to threaten someone at your child's catholic school graduation? Unreal. You can always tell the uneducated by the way they react to situations like this.

The only thing I can say is, thank god that class is gone.

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