18 May 2013

Something different

Last night I had to be back at school at 6pm for an awards ceremony. With 2.5 hours to kill, if I didn't want to drive home and back, I decided to head to Crossfit Oahu to work out. I've never been there. The only other Crossfit I've been to is Kailua, and I didn't work out there I just checked in. So, I'm stepping outside my comfort zone and going someplace new with no one I know and I'm going to work out. It was okay. The people don't seem very friendly and the place is set up weird.

In the top middle, you can see some bars. Those are all the bars. There were 11 people working out all face to face with each other around these bars. Weird. I'm glad I went though and I'll go again. It was nice to walk into the place and see some familiar faces.  I saw the owner and one of the coaches who come to Kaneohe once in a while, plus a member who sometimes comes to Kaneohe. So it wasn't like I didn't know anyone. But still weird.

So the workouts.  It's been benchmark week so all of the workouts have been the Crossfit benchmarks. Wednesday night it was.Grace.  30 clean and jerks for time. I used 65# and did it in 6:08.  Thursday was my rest night. Then last night I did Cindy.  5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 squats AMRAP in 20 minutes. I did 11 full sets plus 5 pull ups and 6 push ups.  Last time I did Cindy I only got in 10 full sets, so there's an improvement.

In other news, my eating has been completely out of control. Yesterday I had, omelet and tater tots for breakfast from the cafeteria. Mexican pulled pork and pasta for lunch. Large mango smoothie and 3 pizza bites from Jack in the Box. 2 donut holes. 1 hamburger - no bun. I slept like crap and feel all sluggish this morning. I must lose the junk food and get back to eating real food. Going to work on that today.

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