It is amazing how quickly good food makes you feel better. Yesterday I focused on good food and water and felt pretty spectacular all day. And I feel pretty darn awesome this morning. The thing is, I know that the rest of today will not be good food wise. We are going to lunch at Chili's and then we have a party tonight. The good part is knowing about it in advance, I can plan. I can plan to either do the best I can, or I can plan to f*ck it and eat with wild abandon. I don't think I'll eat with wild abandon, I've had enough of that lately. But I know how far I can push it. My real nemesis is wheat. That stuff just messes me up. I can eat a little sugar, as long as I don't go crazy. So I'll avoid wheat but have birthday cake. Good enough. Tomorrow it is right back to being strict. This feels too good to let go.


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