Mind Games

It's all mind games. When I started Crossfit I was pumped. I was excited about every single WOD and every thing was a PR. It was awesome. Then I started to get kind of good and started doing amazing things. That was really awesome. Then I injured my shoulder and I slid, not back to where I started, but even further back. It's been a slow recovery process, but I am recovering. But knowing where I was before the injury and where I am now kinds of bums me out. I try to keep a positive attitude and remember that I was injured, but it doesn't always help. Like today. I was getting down on myself because I can't do a pull up yet. But I can do 5 kipping pullups in a row with bands. At the beginning of the year I couldn't even do that. Progress. Then there was a lot of running today. Lately running has caused my low back to seize up. After the 2nd 400m I was ready to quit. I didn't. I rolled out my back and just kept working out. But it is a humbling experience. I was ready to cry at one point. I realize most of this is in my head, but I still struggle with it. I want to get stronger. I want to be able to do some of the things others do; pullups, decent push-ups, knees to elbow, etc. I don't want to be old and lame. Okay, I'm not as lame as some people, but I'm lame for me...... Oh, growing old is such a drag.....


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