15 June 2013

Outside my comfort zone

I am not a social person. I'm just not. I never really have been. When I look back over my life I see times when I've been more social than others, but in general - not very social. Mostly that's okay. I enjoy being a loner and prefer to spend times with my dogs. But there are times when I think I should be more social and so I force myself to be. Last night was one of those nights.

The box has been selling a book called the Supple Leopard. It's written by a Crossfitter about mobility. It's really a good book and has already helped me even though I'm not half way through it. So the group decided to form a book club to discuss it, since it is very dense with information. All day yesterday I was waffling about going, but I ended up forcing myself strictly because it was outside my comfort zone. It was fun. I'm glad I went. I was the first to leave, but then I'm not 20 or 30 something anymore. I can't stay up half the night and still be functional the next morning. Even though I was in bed by 10 pm, I'm feeling a little draggy this morning. I need to eat and feel better before Crossfit.

So I stepped outside my comfort zone and had a pretty good time. I have to do that again today with a friend's fathers funeral. That will not be fun, but I'll do it for this friend.

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